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A SIP trunk is now the most common connection that is delivered to companies for telephony. A SIP trunk can be rented in denominations 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 30 and 60 channels.

The number of channels is the number of ongoing calls (lines) that can be running simultaneously for both out and incoming traffic. You can start up a new SIP trunk in short notice and get your own number series either ported over from your previous operator or a new if you want new nice numbers. SIP trunks have a low running fee and will generate you a great savings compared to your fees on your previous PSTN connection.

What is a SIP trunk?

The SIP Trunk completely replaces traditional leased ISDN connections while eliminating the need for customer-placed gateways for converting calls to and from IP telephony. All traffic between IP telephones and the public telephone network is with a SIP Trunk handled by redundant gateway equipment. With a SIP Trunk, an IP-based company switches from the PSTN to over the Internet or an IP VPN.

Choose the right SIP trunk provider

To select a SIP trunk provider there are some factors play a role in making this decision:

  • Security, SIP trunks are exposed to the Internet therefore it is very important that they have a secure network and have fraud protection installed. The fraud protection system should monitor the system against fraud calls.
  • Own network, does the provider of the SIP trunk provider run its own network or is it an third party service? There are many suppliers who sell SIP trunks from other suppliers. Choose a SIP Trunk provider that has control over its network.
  • Competitive price, the costs vary between different SIP Trunking services. Some providers overcharge for their SIP trunks. Look for competitive fees, but make sure you get quality in the SIP service.
  • Number porting - can the SIP Trunk provider port your phone numbers? Be sure to choose a provider that can port all your existing numbers, not all providers can do.


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