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No matter what to do or what mood you are in, music can enhance your mood and inspire us. If you are going to have a party, or you just want some quiet background music, then you will need some songs in a good playlist. But it's not always so easy to get to a list of good fluency, so here are some tips on things you can think of.

Putting the songs in the order you want them to come, with songs you think will sound good one after another. This means that you need to plan the entire flow of your playlist. Finding music with similar BPM (x per minute) is a great way to build playlists.

Customize the playlist

Since you create your playlist from scratch, you have control over everything, the feeling, tempo, theme and everything that comes with it. Consider the moment or group you are creating the list for. Time of day is that? Volume do you want, and what is the goal of your playlist? Are you gonna listen to it alone? If that is the case, should you do it when you train, read or play games?

Are you trying to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere where people can talk, or a high mood at a pre-party before exit? Also think of things like lyrics. The last thing you want at a nice dinner is to be in the middle of a conversation with someone, realizing that the lyrics are offensive.

By pressing "explore" in Spotify, you can find many different genres and themes. For example, you will find several different playlists in the theme of training, which can fit well to anything from a heavy workout at the gym or a yoga session. In the theme of sleep you will find calm and relaxing songs that you can have in the background when you go to bed. In the category gaming there is music that can fit when playing casino games, video games or other types of games.

Romantic Playlist

If you’re needing something romantic and relaxing before your big love day because your energy is a little too high?  You’re getting nervous about love just thinking about the person, you need to chill out. Let’s get you some nice and smooth love songs so you can just focus on the love and romancy.

Valentines Day is almost here, this is the perfect love playlist filled with our favorite classic and modern love and romantic songs. Whether your spending it with your partner or your friends this playlist should put you in the loving mood. Enjoy the best love playlist.


Rage music Playlist

In the playlist below you can do just that. And so much more.

This close to Christmas, which certainly does not last all the way to Easter but which is to be raged out only on Sunday, it is of course fitting to get a little closer acquainted with what is to come. Because even though the music industry has taken a big weekend off and not directly bombarded the market with new music releases.

Already now it is promised fresh full-lengthers with greats like Rammstein (april), Mastodon, Dream Theater (February), kultthrashiga Possessed (first studio album since 1986's ”Beyond the transplant”), Children of Bodom (March) and maybe even Tool (whoever lives will see).

As always-play loudly or do not.

The best way to get into the right mindset is a couple of bangers to get your heart pumping! I have a couple of songs for you! There is a medley of old rage songs and maybe some new rage temper songs you’ve never heard of too. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find something you like here in the Rage playlist.

Party Playlists

When you turn a playlist into a party, then think about the audience at the party. People generally don't want to hear new songs you just discovered yourself. Mostly, people want to hear something they've heard before, popular stuff. If you have some less famous songs that you really want to play for everyone, put them between two songs that everyone knows and loves. Or you can play your unknown favorite along with songs that have a similar feeling or pace.

Consider the overall mix of the guests. Goal is to play music that everyone will enjoy. If you have guests of all ages, mix some old songs with more current things. Remixes of older songs can be a great way to bridge the musical gap between different age groups. The spirit of the original track remains intact, but the more modern elements can make it more appealing to those who do not know the songs since before. Think about the audience and purpose, and you'll be better at making playlists. Good luck!


Piano Playlists

Playlists with ambient chill piano music, features songs from great bands and also unknownnew artist these are new producers of the best chill piano music.

These chill and piano playlists offer perfect background tracks for stores and offices. The surge in Spotify’s “environmental/sleep/relaxative” category is driven by pianist music featured on  “Peaceful piano” playlist. These best songs have million of listeners. 

Spotify uses procedures of algorithms and human curation to pick out songs for its's playlists. Here are manual picked tracks to fill out a list with quality. 

Free music streaming for any time, place, or mood chill or sleep. Fully tagged with instrumental, study, and chill. Enjoy the best chill piano music!





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